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Gianetti 48 Fly

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12 tons

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Water capacity:





Yacht Profile↓

Welcome aboard the Gianetti 48 Fly, a truly masterpiece for combination of stylistic concepts and advanced technologies, which put this boat on top of the Sport cruisers category. The Gianetti 48 Fly has very nice, smooth and aggressive looks; its unique low profile hull with a deep “V” design delivers a very high comfort even at high speed in heavy seas.

Specially designed for Chinese boat market, Gianetti Italy cooperated with DHS shipyard for developing fly bridge version in 2012; get rid of boring moment on the sea, the spacious fly bridge gives nature approach & blue voyage life to every boat owners.

Representing the consistency of details preciseness in Gianetti family, there are intensified requirements to every aspect of Gianetti 48 Fly, the blemish-free at each screws, smooth and evasive at each fillets. Its fluid lines, exquisite interior’s workmanship & the ingenious integration for every detail of outlines, represent the essentiality of top Italian boat design.

Besides its inherent European characters, more Chinese family & business features were blended into Gianetti 48 Fly; a very big space were converted as business communal space, with reserved one bedroom only. The advantage is at the time of meeting the requirement of business activities, also have chance to enjoy its personalized private space. A well equipped galley offers more spice to all people on board.

Moving to the main deck, the well equipped helm station will catch your eye, with its super spacious and comfortable space. The unique special design of the open top comforts you with beautiful sunshine and a refreshing breeze.

In the mid-cabin, there is an “L”-shape sofa, and a dining table for 8 people to enjoy a meal together, share the peace and serenity with your family and friends, stay away from the tumultuous daily work life.

The under-deck is well balanced between logic and warmth. The furniture is in cherry wood, a high gloss finish, with precious tissues and marble. Also the owner can have his/her own choice in color and material used on the boat to show his/her special taste in fashion.